Dad Hat vs. Snapback: Similarities and Differences

Many people are confused about dad hats vs. snapbacks. In this blog post, I will be covering dad hats vs. snapbacks. 

A dad hat and a snapback are two different types of hats that have very similar purposes. They both cover your head, protect you from the sun, and help you to look cool. 

The difference between these two hats is in their design. A dad hat is usually made out of cotton or wool, while a snapback typically has no brim at all. However, if you're looking for protection from the sun without sacrificing style, then dad hats may be suitable for you!

Similarities of Dad Hats and Snapbacks

There are many similarities that dad hats and snapbacks have, even though there are also differences. Urban Dictionary defines a dad hat as "a dad hat is a baseball cap with a flat brim. It's usually worn tilted back or to the side on hipster s or older guys." A dad hat can be explained as a shorter version of a snapback. 

1. Great with Matching Outfits

Both dad hats and snapbacks go great together in matching outfits, as both dad hats and snapbacks go well with T-shirts, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, muscle shirts, tanks tops, etc.

2. Adjustable Straps

Both dad hats and snapbacks have adjustable straps, so they fit any body shape perfectly. They don't have regular bill designs; they usually do not have bills. 

3. Design

They are somewhat like regular baseball hats, except dad hats/snapbacks have a shorter bill and different designs than a typical baseball hat. 

Differences of Dad Hat vs. Snapback

1. Popularity

Dad hats became popularized after being popularly worn by dad figures and dad celebrities such as Jimbo Jones from The Simpsons, my dad Alex D'Amato from Kickassia, Leslie Hall from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Kelso from That '70s Show, Steve Smith Sr., Andre Johnson (American football player) dad, the dad from dad phone calls dad Shaq dad and dad from Nickelodeon dad. Unfortunately, because of this, dad hats negatively connotate and are labeled as "dad" or "basic" by millennials.

Snapbacks are used as protective headgear in many sports, including baseball. One form of hat worn by baseball players is the batting helmet; this it protects the player's head from injury when struck by a pitched ball or bat. However, other kinds of hats are sometimes used instead of helmets; caps with stiff brims were once standard, but their style has declined somewhat since about 1990, except for keeping sun and rain off the face during games (such as in Korea).

2. The Shape of Hats 

A snapback's dad hat is very different from a snapback. A snapback's dome is almost 90 degrees between the cap and brim. The front panel of a snapback is often on full display and easy to see. A dad hat's dome, however, is broader and fat. Snapbacks are more relaxed and slouched than the dome. The dome might be wrinkled if a dad hat is worn.

These hats can also be shaped to affect how they feel. Snapback hats are typically more snug and stiff. Imagine how tight, secure, and completely enveloped a glove feels as you place your hand inside. This is how a snapback will feel on your head.

Dad hats are looser and roomier. However, dad hats don't fit right onto your head. Instead, they sit on top of your head. A snapback can feel like your hand is in a glove. Wearing a dad's hat can feel similar to an oversized mitten.

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3. Visor

Another difference between snapbacks and dad hats is the visor. The visor of a snapback is flat, while the brim of a dad's hat is pre-shaped and round. Snapbacks may have slightly curled visors, but they are seldom as wide as dad hats. The bills on dad hats are the same as those of conventional baseball caps.

4. Stickers

Finally, stickers can be used to distinguish between the two types of caps. All snapback caps should have stickers. These labels are used to identify the manufacturer of the lid. Although some dad hats have tags, they are not required.

The sticker has become so popular in fashion and pop culture that many people consider it a significant part of their hat. As a result, many people won't take the sticker off when purchasing a snapback or fitted cap.

5. Panel

Hats are made up of different panels that are connected to create a shape. For example, every hat has a dome structure that is made up of panels. A panel is each section of the cap that is separated by lines stitching.

Six panels are included in snapbacks. The front panels of snapbacks are pre-shaped and usually in a semi-round shape. A snapback's front panel is also made from hard plastic.

Dad hats are made from five panels and have front panels which aren't pre-shaped. Instead, they have soft front panels.

The front panel of a hat will tell you how many panels it has. For example, the front panel of a snapback hat with six panels will have a line stitched in the middle. Thus, six-panel hats will have two front panels. However, if the hat is a dad hat with five panels, it will only have one front panel. This is because there will be no stitching to divide it.

6. Closure

Snapbacks are the most distinctive hats. A dome closure is required for all adjustable hats. Closures come in many forms: snaps, metal closures, strings, and straps.

Snapback hats will have a plastic snap closure, as indicated by their name. Snapbacks will have one snap each on the left and right sides, which are joined to close them. The snap with the holes has one shot, and the snap with the notches has the other.

A dad hat can be closed with either a metal or leather strap. Dad hats have the same closures as snapbacks but use fabric straps tied together to secure the hat.

Snapbacks and dad hats can be adjusted to fit any head. Snapbacks and dad hats are usually "one-size-fits-all" tags. These hat styles are also becoming increasingly popular because people don't have to be fitted.

7. Materials

These hats also have different materials. Snapbacks are made chiefly from suede, while dad caps are made of cotton or canvas. Both hats have plastic or cardboard brims. Be aware of the materials in your hat before you wash it.

Dad hats are often made of straw, cotton twill, or canvas. Rather than using an adjustable plastic snapback closure, dad hats feature a 6-panel design and usually have a fabric strap with buckle closure in the back. They also tend to be less stiff than regular cloth caps due to their softness and folds/wrinkles.

8. Design

Snapbacks and dad caps are also distinguished by the different designs they use. The snapback or dad hat's design does not affect the structure of the snapback, but there are differences in the way these hats look. The provocative and in-your-face designs of snapbacks are well-known. However, for subtler, more simple techniques, dad hats are preferred.

Snapbacks are also known for the shiny, silver, or gold stickers on their visors. This trend has been around for nearly two decades. It can be used on both fitted caps and snapbacks. Some hats have the sticker at the top of their brims, while others have it at the bottom. However, it is considered fashion to keep the sticker on rather than peeling it off once you begin wearing the hat. The sticker is usually placed on the right or left side of the brim. It should never be centered.

Snapbacks can also be known for having a green under the brim when wearing non-green caps. This trend is a common one in the hat industry.

9. Wearing Styles

The way these hats are worn and by whom is another difference. Hip-hop artists have made snapbacks and fitted caps a popular choice over the years. Snapbacks are more popular among young people.

Dad hats are worn by dads and older men, however, as the name implies. The dad hat is the ideal cap for both parents and middle-aged adults. The popularity of dad hats among youth has only recently increased.

MIDA T-SHIRTS has hat options to suit all ages. Snapback hats, as well as dad hats, look great and are versatile. We have something for everyone, no matter where you are from.


Though the two hats have a lot in common, there are some key differences. If you're looking for something that will show off your style and make it easier to find others who share your interests, we hope this blog post was helpful!

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