How to Wear a Hoodie to Rock Your Looks in 2021?

While the humble hoodie might not be the most fashion-forward piece in your wardrobe, it is the most practical and comfortable. This loose-fitting, warm hoodie should be a staple of modern men's wear. Of course, you can wear a hoodie anywhere, but it's also possible to pair it with the right pieces for casual weekends. So before you leave the house in your sweatpants and hooded jumper, make sure to check this guide. This guide can help you style your hoodie, so it looks stylish.

What is Considered a Hoodie?

A hoodie can be described as a sweatshirt, jacket, or jumper that has a hood. This style can be worn casually or as a sportswear piece and is often paired with sweatpants. This garment is warm and comfortable and has a fitted waistband. The cuffs trap heat. Hoodies are made from cotton and are loose, so they're comfortable and not restrictive. The hood can also be used to protect the head from rain or cold weather. Many hoodies have large pockets or pockets in the front. These can be used to store items or to hold your hands.

The Hoodie's History

The hoodie has been the uniform of champions since long before it witnessed darkened alleyways to dodgy deals. Champion Products sports apparel has claimed to have invented the world's first sweatshirt hooded in the 1930s.

It takes little to understand that the hoodie was made to protect athletes from cold and wet weather. Since then, it has been adopted by hip hop culture, skaters and snowboarders, angry young people, university students, and (the reason why we're here) the runway.

Although fashion week is when many news outlets love to ridicule the most extravagant runway looks, most menswear pieces are practical. The hoodie is just that: it offers comfort, comfort, and more comfort.

We are now at the peak of athleisure with the return of hoodies. It was only a matter of time before menswear embraced the nearly century-old staple. Everybody, from streetwear-pricey upstarts (Off White, Vetements) and more established menswear heavy-hitters (Balenciaga. Versace.), has begun to offer high-end versions of their collections. Unfortunately, this means that hoodie hysteria will continue for some time.

How to Wear a Hoodie for Great Looks?

Here are the best ways experts recommend to get your look started.

1. With a Leather Jacket

Combining a leather jacket with a hoodie is a low-octane pairing that works well season after season.

Alex Field, Head of Menswear Design, states that "Hoodies are much better in quality and fit. Men are now looking for well-made, casual styles that can be worn in a variety of situations. You can wear it to the gym, or for a casual look off-duty."

To spice up the look, you can experiment with different hoodies underneath your outerwear. You can also use a black leather jacket with black or indigo denim jeans as the base.

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2. Coat with Hoodie

A coat is a great choice for keeping warm and looking fashionable. It's something that every man should have in his wardrobe. While many men are comfortable wearing a coat to formal events and functions, few know how to style it for casual occasions. This double-breasted coat is elegant and sophisticated, but it can be worn casually on weekends. To make it more casual, all you need is a hoodie. For a casually cool look, pair a white hoodie with a brown or black coat on a cold Sunday. You can finish the look with loose-fitted pants or sneakers.

3. With Denim Jacket

A hoodie and a denim jacket can be paired to create a casual yet cool look. You can pick from many styles of denim jackets, but a blue one works best. For a casual look, pair the jacket with a grey or white hooded sweatshirt. Finish your look with some skinny jeans or sneakers.

4. With Jeans 

The hoodie and jeans are a classic combination that will keep any man warm during the colder weekends. You can play with the color combinations, and you will find that almost any combination of colors can work together based on the modern denim palette.

5. With a Bomber Jacket

how to wear a hoodie

A hoodie and a bomber jacket can be paired together to create a modern urban look. Although the combination may not be as timeless as other combinations, it is still very versatile due to the popularity of the bomber jacket and the basic design of the hoodie. For the perfect look, choose a zip-up jacket in a classic color like grey, navy, or black. Then, pair it with your favorite bomber, whether it is nylon, wool, or leather-sleeved. Finally, add some stylish sneakers and black jeans to complete the casual urban look. This will create a contemporary inner-city look with subtle athleisure elements.

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6. With Well-Fitted Trousers 

This will allow you to dress up your hoodie and avoid an informal look. In addition, this will make your outfit appear more planned and organized, rather than random.

  • Pairing with a hoodie and wide-leg trousers is a great idea.
  • Your bottom should touch your top foot.
  • It would be best if you do not tuck your hoodie in. This can cause the waistband to look bulky and strange.

7. With Parka Jacket

Pair a hoodie and a parka jacket to protect yourself from the cold, wind, and rain this winter. This combination is not only practical and warm but can also look stylish and modern. Keep it modern and clean to achieve the perfect look. A black hoodie and a black parka will look like a more casual feel. You can complete the outfit for a casual look by pairing it with tailored trousers or drawstring pants.

8. With Shearling Jacket 

A hoodie and a shearling jacket can be paired together for a wintery, warm look. The key to nailing the look is finding the right balance. The jacket and hoodie look heavy and thick, so it is best to avoid black. Instead, lighten the look by using lighter shades. Brown leather jackets or denim jackets are great options to add warmth and style to your look. A light grey sweatshirt is a versatile choice for your hoodie. To soften the look and add a complementary feel, pair your jacket with a hoodie and pants made from an alternative texture.

9. Wear Sunglasses or Jewelry to Boost Your Look

This is especially useful if you're layering your hoodie with another jacket. To add some sparkle, you can add a simple necklace or a pair of silver or gold earrings. Sunglasses can be a great accessory to add some flash to your everyday look.

10. Wear a Hat instead of Hood

The hood of a jacket is great for warmth, but a hat is a way to add style and flair to your look. Consider adding a winter hat or pair of earmuffs to your wardrobe. A straw hat is lightweight in warmer temperatures. The casual look of baseball caps can make an outfit appear more casual. However, it is best to avoid wearing them with a more formal outfit.

11. With sneakers 

Athletic shoes are a good choice for a casual look. You can dress up your look with a pair of leather shoes. While neutral colors work best, most athletic shoes will do the trick. You can also create a sporty look with athletic sneakers. To complete the look, pair a hoodie and a set of leggings with fitted or athletic pants.

12. Wear a Neutral Color

You can choose a hoodie with a zip in the front or a pullover. You have many options: whites, blacks, and greys, as well as earth-tone colors. A lightweight hoodie is more dressy than a heavier fleece. A hoodie can add an informal, sporty touch to your look no matter what it is paired with.

13. Add a Color Splash

A plain hoodie can be dressed up with some color. Additional options for adding color are:

  • A scarf that is brightly colored, solid-colored, or patterned
  • A bracelet or watch with a colorful design


Is it okay to wear a hoodie everywhere?

Although it is not illegal to wear a hoodie, it is recommended that you only cover your head when it is raining or very cold. If you are also wearing sunglasses, it can be suspicious to wear the hood under other circumstances. You may also appear to be trying to conceal your identity or hide a weapon, which can make people suspicious of your intentions. They were made illegal in Oklahoma, but they were denied. In the UK, police have tried to ban youths from wearing them because it makes it harder to identify them.

Key Notes:


  • A hoodie is your best option for winter warmth.
  • To make a simple style more trendy, layer it with other outerwear pieces.
  • A zip-up hoodie is a great option for slimming down, while a pullover hoodie is more comfortable and loose.
  • For a stylish and sophisticated look, pair a hoodie and a leather jacket or denim jacket.
  • A hoodie can be worn with a jacket, peacoat, or bomber jacket for a modern urban look.
  • You can quickly put together a hoodie ensemble with jeans, sneakers, or boots.

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    Wear Tight or Loose Hoodie?

    You can have hoodies that are either looser or slimmer. If it's a pullover, it will be a looser fitting so that you can move around in it. Zip-ups are great for a more fitted cut. Your personal preference and style will determine the style you choose. While a tighter hoodie is better for layering underneath a jacket, looser styles are more comfortable.

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