T-Shirt Buying Guide (2021) to Look from Good to Great

The T-shirt is the fashion staple for every woman or man. Whether it is for a friend meeting or at work, they will show their magic with a T-shirt. This article entails a t-shirt buying guide that will help you to choose the best fit for you. Let’s start!

1. Look for Solid Colors

Sometimes it is best to stick with the basics. Although printed T-shirts for men are becoming more popular (especially in floral, monochrome, and abstract prints), they won't prove as useful as solid-colored counterparts. The golden fashion rule of "less is more" can be applied to a solid tee paired with jeans or trousers. If in doubt, narrow down your choices to the following list of colors.


Gray, especially 'heather grey,' can be matched with most clothing combinations. Gray allows you to make your outfit more or less bright. If you are well-built, gray can also improve your physique.


The Navy is more popular than black in the daytime. You can also pair this color with monochrome looks if you wear a T-shirt and dark jeans.


Black is a versatile choice for darker outfits. However, be aware that T-shirts made of black may eventually turn to a grayish color.


T-shirts in plain white are the basis of many men’s wardrobes. White crew necks are often worn under white T-shirts.

Another advantage to investing in solid colors? There are endless ways to layer your outfits. You have many options for layering your outfits if you have the best T-shirts available for men.

2. Check Your Size

The perfect fit may mean something different to different people. However, it would be best if you aim to find a t-shirt that fits your body well. The brand can vary in size. For example, a medium might be in one shop but a large in another.

Take chest and length measurements to compare with a brand's size chart. To be certain, we recommend checking your size against the brand size chart to ensure that it is consistent. You can still try the garment on to make sure it fits. After you've tried the garment on in the changing rooms, you may not be able to tell if it fits right. This brings us to our next section…

3. Check Fitting


You shouldn't wear a tee that's too loose, or it will hang unnaturally and make your body look drab. On the other hand, if you wear a tee that's too tight, it will expose your worst features. To avoid being swallowed up, choose a tee with a tailored body. Choose a structure with more space if your body is larger.


The hem should not rise to the level of your stomach if you lift your arms. Instead, the tee should fall to the floor below your hips. Likewise, it shouldn't go all the way down to your knees. In certain circles, such as skaters and other athletes, oversized tees can be fashionable.


It is easy to judge if a shirt fits correctly by looking at the shoulders. The seam running from your shoulders to your arms should be in the middle of your shoulder. All other things should follow suit if this is correct. For example, the sleeves should reach halfway down your upper arm. However, some men's tees have stitched sleeves to give you a muscle fit,' which flatters your biceps.

4. Check Your Body Shape 


Many features describe 10 to 12 body shapes for women, but there are only five main ones. These are the most common body shapes for women:


This body shape is relatively straight with weight distribution - classic or slim cuts will work best.

Inverted Triangle 

This, also known as the Apple shape, means that you have wider shoulders and busts but narrower hips. The shoulders will be highlighted by a slim-cut t-shirt, while a straighter cut will give the shirt a more balanced look.


A round body shape has a larger bust and a larger midsection. But, again, a classic cut will give you the most flattering, relaxed look.


Also known as a pear shape, this body type has wider hips with slimmer shoulders and arms. A slim-cut t-shirt will emphasize the waist.


This body shape is even more defined by hip and bust measurements. It also has a narrower waist. This body shape is flattering with a classic or slim cut.


Most health and style experts believe that men can be divided into five basic categories. These are very useful in helping you choose the right style for you.

T-Shirt Buying Guide


Four out of ten males have a rectangle body type. This shape is characterized by a flat torso and similar widths at the waist, shoulders, and hips. Most flattering is a classic or slim fitting.

Inverted triangle 

This is an athletic body shape. It features broad shoulders and slim hips. For a more relaxed look, a slim-fit t-shirt will highlight the muscles. A classic or larger fit will allow for more freedom.


Another athletic build, the rhomboid, is a bit less prominent than the inverted triangular. The rhomboid is similar to the rectangle but has wider shoulders and hips. Again, this is where a classic or slim-fit will work well.


Similar to the rectangle, oval-shaped bodies have a wider frame and a wider center. These body types will benefit from a classic fit or an oversize cut.


This body shape is slightly heavier at the hips but has slimmer shoulders. For triangle shapes, a classic cut is a good choice.

5. Price

Although T-shirts are very affordable, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should purchase the cheapest one. You'll be able to get better quality fabric if you spend more. It will last longer, wash better and retain its color and shape. You'll feel more comfortable wearing it, and it will be gentler on your skin. Because caring for your skin underneath your t-shirt may be the most important thing.

6. Neck Style

There are two main styles of T-shirts: crew neck and V-neck. Which style is the best?

V-necks are best for fitter men. A V-neck emphasizes and highlights a larger chest. The illusion of height is created by a V-neck, which balances out a narrow neck or narrow face.

For men with thinner frames, crew necks are a better choice. These styles don't expose your neck as much and draw less attention towards your upper torso. This is a good option if you haven’t been to the gym for a while.

T-Shirt Buying Guide

No matter what style you choose, don't expose too much of your chest. Avoid the scoop neck' and extra-wide boat neck styles.

7. Choose a Good Fabric

The fabric of a shirt is an important factor in determining its quality. The fabric of a shirt must be great if you want to look stunning. Although two T-shirts might be the same in color and design, the best fabric will always outperform the others by a large margin.

Always read the label when you buy a T-shirt. While you can check the price, you should also read the information about the material. Tees are generally made of 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. However, there are special fabrics that may be better for you. These fabrics are just a few:


Soft and breathable fabric, which gives the shirt a lovely luster. It is primarily used to make high-end clothing.


This is the highest quality of cotton. It resists pilling and fading, and it also softens after each use.

Linen blends: 

The lining is the strongest natural fiber in the world. Linen blends are often smoother than pure cotton and have a silkier texture. However, be aware that linen can easily wrinkle.

Stretch Fabric: 

These fabrics are popular for use in workout clothing and provide great resistance to water after repeated washes. In addition, they keep the garment's shape and make it more comfortable to wear.


High-quality, fine-weave wool is often used in more expensive men's shirts. A 100% merino shirt can last for up to a week without needing to be washed.


Made from a mixture of synthetic and cotton fabric, Jersey is a flexible, comfortable material.

8. Print or Design

Sometimes, the designs printed on the tee shirt can be more important than any other fabric. The artwork, cool text, and quotes on the tee fronts are what will draw you in, and any other considerations will fade away once you're in love.

9. Occasions to Wear

This is about the reason you wear a special tee-shirt. However, it doesn't matter if it is for a specific occasion. T-shirts are not something you will wear to formal events. However, it is important to consider the occasion you are attending. Different occasions require different considerations, such as a trip to the gym, a game, or a night out with friends.

T-shirts should be able to dry and disperse sweat quickly. These properties are what Football Jersey tee-shirts use. However, this may make it uncomfortable to relax in your home. A t-shirt made from natural fibers will be more comfortable. Winter outings require a long-sleeved or hooded tee-shirt. You may also layer more than one shirt.

How about T-shirts that have pockets? 

These add visual complexity, and the pocket fabric can become baggy over time. Therefore, we recommend them only to be worn if you are trying to increase your chest.

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